Social media plays a huge role in most of our lives


Social media plays a huge role in most of our lives. It has literally changed the way some organizations do business and has definitely changed the way many people conduct themselves both in and out of work. Understanding how social media works in terms of making a workplace better or worse is fundamental in an organization”s success.

In today’s world for each company is having a social media presence, which is moving at a fast pace from an emerging from of communication to mainstream. Earlier companies use to keep a check on how the employees are dealing with emails now it’s time to check how social media sites like facebook, youtube, twitter are used by the employees. Thus a social media policy is required to establish the guidelines for social media usage (Sharlyn 2009).

Social media is not just meant for marketing department it should be open for all employees of the organisation, said by Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford Company. As the conversation have moved online then all the companies whether big or small should extend their communication policies to online sites.

Advantage of using social media for our company is that it can strengthen our brand name not as a simple employer rather as a company. Dell has made revenue of 1$million with the use of twitter in just half a year, then why can’t we adopt the social media.

I agree that you must be thinking about the authenticity of social media use, for that we will frame the policy which will keep a check on employees for doing frauds and misusing the facility. For this, I consulted with the Eric B. Meyer who is the Associate with Dilworth Paxson in the Labour and development Group about framing the social media policy. As per Eric, Employers have the full right to monitor the usage of social site by employees irrespective of their location, either office or home. Employees should also be made aware that the company policies on anti-harassment and ethics will extend to all type of communication done inside or outside the workplace in terms of social media policy. Employees should be made realise that abusing or bashing their organisation, peers or managers online or offline will lead to bad consequences at workplace (Tiffany, 2017).

Once the social media policy will be formulated, we can communicate the same to our employees by sending emails or memo telling about the introduction of new policy and sending links where they can refer to the policy which will help to curb any mishaps.

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