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7ET023 Dissertation Assignment

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    7ET023 Dissertation – University of Wolverhampton


    • Develop knowledge and understanding of a computing topic
    • Analyse information and ideas and create responses to problems defined within the dissertation area
    • Demonstrate ability to critically evaluate
    • Enhance career prospects
    • Promote professional attitude to undertaking a computing dissertation.

    Learning Outcome 1: Produce a substantial exemplar of independent professional practice and apply appropriate research methods to the production of this.

    Learning Outcome 2: Critically analyse, synthesise and apply information and ideas from both relevant sources of information and your own studies to support decisions appertaining to professional practice and the relevant professional body where appropriate.

    Learning Outcome 3: Take responsibility for and organise your own learning through
    self-management and independent research at master level.
    Advance and extend your subject knowledge andunderstanding and develop research and practical skills relevant to your subject area.

    Learning Outcome 4: Define, organise and report on a project of considerable duration with outcomes that are uncertain at the outset. Achieve this with the professional approach required by the host subject area.

    Prepare a Dissertation with an artefact based on the findings of your research

    Assessment – Dissertation Artefact

    The Dissertation should be a maximum of 8,000 words excluding the artefact, abstract, appendices and references.
    The Dissertation must be entirely your own work and must be original in so far as it applies established techniques in new settings, a new application or other artefact, or devises new methods to solve problems.
    The Dissertation provides all of the evidence upon which your artefact is based and is the document in which your literature review, findings, analysis, evaluation and any supporting appropriate data appear in full.
    If your work is commercially sensitive, you should discuss the issue with the dissertation co-ordinator/module leader.
    The final Dissertation should be submitted electronically via the MSc Dissertation CANVAS Topic (there is no requirement for a printed copy). It must comply with the guidelines given and the details laid out in this handbook.

    The research questions should act as the central focus for the whole Dissertation. These questions will be evident in your findings and conclusions. The questions drive what you want to learn and find out, keeping the research process in focus. Initially it should direct the literature search, helping you decide what to investigate. You may find you want to refine the questions as you proceed, since the initial question might have been too broad or narrow in scope. The deliverables will demonstrate what you have learnt and test the questions posed, whilst the conclusion will summarise the outcomes achieved and lessons learnt.

    The Dissertation will include a literature review chapter. This chapter should report the results of your background reading. It might look at other approaches that have already been tried to your problem. For state-of-the-art dissertations it will obviously extend over several chapters. It should not be an article-by-article account of who’s done what or of competing technical products and certainly not an account of your visits to various libraries! It should be one seamless narrative introduction to the subject area, possibly starting with the certainties, generalities and working towards those more recent parts of the subject area where there is less agreement, aimed at someone in your peer group. The reason, and the only reason, for mentioning anything in the literature review is that it allows the reader to understand all the decisions you subsequently make in choosing a specific developmental methodology, formal notation, evaluation procedure, software tool, statistical analysis etc. Anything else can be left out – it distracts the reader and wastes their time.

    There should also be chapters that involve a theoretical discussion and critical evaluation of the dissertation. The critical evaluation should include not only the product, but also the process you went through in your dissertation work. Another significant factor in determining the grade for this section is the degree of challenge encountered and how it has been tackled.

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