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About intimate partner violence

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    Based on the reading of all of Chapter 8 Intimate Partner Violence of the Jackson-Cherry and and Erford text. Address the following questions, with particular consideration of the confluence of substance abuse and/or mental health implications with intimate partner violence:

    A. Read “What Are Your Values and Beliefs About IPV” and respond to the following questions:

    1. What has shaped your values and beliefs about IPV?

    2. What other messages have you received about intimate partner violence?

    3. How may your beliefs and values affect your work with clients?

    B. Read “Identifying Abusing Acts Against Women” and respond to the following questions:

    1. List in your paper the acts that you would consider to be abusive toward women, adding any more acts that you can identify.

    2. Would your list of choices be different if you were considering IPV among racial and ethnic minorities? Toward a male? Toward someone from a more religious background? Toward someone with a disability? Toward someone identifying as LGBT?

    3. Discuss how the behaviors you consider abusive may depend on the cultural makeup of the client.

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