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Address the sudden deterioration in health

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    Learning Outcome 1: Connect early and late warning signs of the deteriorating person to underlying pathophysiology and psychiatry;

    Learning Outcome 2: Apply a systematic person-centred approach to assessing sudden deterioration;

    Learning Outcome 3: Develop an immediate plan of care to address the sudden deterioration in health;

    Learning Outcome 4: Effectively communicate with members of the interdisciplinary team in a simulated scenario Involving a person with sudden health deterioration;

    Learning Outcome 5: Defend the necessity for rapid response and standardised assessment


    Students will apply their clinical reasoning skills to critically examine and reflect on a use study where a person experiences a deterioration in clinical condition

    There will be three (3) cases to choose from
    Students are expected to demonstrate their ability to recognise and manage a case using person-centred practice and Incorporating the Chnical Reasoning Cycle. They will also reflect on aspects of the case to consider future actions.

    Essential elements include
    – introduction and conclusion
    – Nursing care plan
    – In-depth examination of
    o Pathophysiology of clinical deterioration
    o The case in relation to one person-centred process
    – Reflection using Gibbs Cycle of Reflection

    APA 7 referencing system

    Attachment:- Case Study.rar

    Attachment:- Data.rar

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