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Analyse the relationship between culture and language

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    Support Individuals with Sensory Loss with Communication

    Unit summary

    This unit provides the knowledge and skills needed to discriminate between language and communication and to support the use of a range of communication

    Learning outcomes Assessment

    1 Understand language development

    1.1 Explain the difference between language and communication

    1.2 Analyse the relationship between culture and language

    1.3 Explain how an understanding of language and communication informs practice

    2 Understand factors that affect the language and communication of an individual with sensory loss

    2.1 Compare and contrast the impact of congenital and acquired sensory loss on:

    – communication

    – language

    2.2 Explain the potential impacts of a deteriorating condition on an individual’s communication

    3 Understand the complexities of specialist communication systems

    3.1 Identify when specialist communication systems may be used

    3.2 Evaluate the strengths and weakness of specialist communication systems

    4 Be able to support the individual with communication

    4.1 Evaluate the suitability of a range of communication methods to meet the needs of the individual

    4.2 Demonstrate a range of suitable communication methods to the individual and/or others

    4.3 Adapt communication methods according to need and context

    5 Be able to support others to make use of specialist communication

    5.1 Advise others about specialist communication

    5.2 Support others to make use of specialist communication with the individual

    6 Review communication work 6.1 Review how communication support to individuals meets identified needs in relation to:

    – own work

    – agreed ways of working

    – work with others

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