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Analyze a political cartoon

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    For your writing assignment, you will analyze a political cartoon. You will need to select a political cartoon to discuss. You can Google “political cartoons” to help you get started, or check either of the following websites. Your cartoon cannot be more than one year old. Once you have chosen your cartoon, write a short paper answering the four questions posed below, When addressing these questions, be sure to illustrate what specific aspects of the cartoon have led to your answer. You must provide the URL for your cartoon, or embed it in the file that you submit. Grades for the written assignments will be based on several factors, including:

    • Did you answer all 4 questions?
    • Did you put a picture of the cartoon or a link to the cartoon?
    • Grammar and Spelling.
    • Did you use a citation for your cartoon?

    Also, (just in case) drop the link to the cartoon

    1. What is the event or issue that inspired the cartoon?

    2. Are there any real people in the cartoon? Who are they?

    3. Are there symbols in the cartoon? What do they represent? Immediately identifiable.

    4. What is the cartoonist’s opinion about the topic of the cartoon? Do you agree with it or not? Why?

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