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Analyze nestle csr initiative plan focuses on society issues

    Assignment Instructions

    This is a CSR project, and choose to nestle as our company

    Note: Please give answer on mentioned words (must add intext citation) and required answer Step-by-step

    The following Nestle CSR Initiative Plan focuses on society issues within a specific community. The CSR Initiative plan is to supply (food) to (Syrian refugees) that are located in (Syria). This community of people are suffering from (war).

    Project Description

    1. Provide a brief description of the proposed project, (400 words)
    2. State the objective(s) or aim(s) of the project. (300 words)
    3. What key activities will the company undertake in this project? (400 words)
    4. Describe the target audience for the project (For example, They are a group of underprivileged students that are from the lower income family group or employees of the company or single mothers looking for jobs.) (600 words)
    5. What is the estimated duration of the project? (300 words)
    6. What is the estimated budget to run this project? (300 words)
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