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Analyze the rhetorical choices the author makes

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    Essay Assignment – Pillars of Sustainability Discussion

    Purpose – There are three distinct parts to this essay and each serves a separate purpose

    Summary – Purpose is to help build summarization skills, identity an author’s purpose and audience. And provide context to the rhetorical situation

    Analysis – Think about the rhetorical choices an author makes to fulfill their purpose for the specific audience and whether or not those choices are effective.

    Analysis – Use the Information Literacy Framework to analyze as a source for analysis to determine the credibility or value of this piece of writing.

    This essay should have three distinct sections (you should use headings as shown here to separate each section).

    Section One Summary (1 Paragraph) –

    Summarize the article specifically mentioning the author’s thesis (implied or explicit) and who the audience is writing for. The summary should follow the following format:

    The five-sentence summary

    Sentence 1: Provide the author’s name, the title of the work, the date of publication (in parentheses), the genre, and an appropriate verb (e.g., argues, contends, claims, implies, asserts, insists) with a “that” clause containing the thesis statement / the author’s central point.

    Sentences 2: Intended audience

    Sentence 3-4 Explain how the author develops and supports a thesis statement or central point. (Types of evidence used)

    Sentences 5: a concluding sentence

    Section Two Rhetorical Analysis (3 pages) –

    Analyze the rhetorical choices the author makes and the effectiveness in those choices to prove the thesis for the specific audience. This section should be no less than three complete pages. This section is persuasive and should have your own thesis about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the choices the author makes to fulfill the purpose of the paper. The analysis should identify the rhetorical technique, briefly quote or paraphrase examples of the techniques, and analyze how the technique either helps or hinders the author, how the audience might react or receive the evidence, the purpose of the evidence or why it might have been chosen. Samples will be provided.

    Section Three Information Literacy Analysis (at least 3 paragraphs) –

    Answer the following questions about the article using the IL Framework as a guide for analysis

    What authority does the author have in the context where the article is published? Why do you think this?

    What value (a means to influence? understand the world? Promote legal or socioeconomic interests? production and dissemination of information?) Does the information have in the context where it is published? Why do you think this?

    How is this article part of a continuing conversation?

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