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Analyze wildermons legal business form

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    Billy Wildermon’s Rafting Business

    Billy Wildermon is a sole proprietor with a successful river-rafting business on a remote river in southern Colorado; he has three river guides, two bus drivers to drive the customers to the river and then pick them up, and two administrative assistants. He is concerned about personal liability, and wants to know what corporate form is best based on the following considerations:

    He wants to make sure he is following the law in terms of licensing, and also wants to know what other types of protection beyond a certain business form of organization might help him as well.

    He has heard a little bit about a ‘B’ Corporation, but knows little about it. He doesn’t want much interference with his operations or hoops to jump through – the simpler the better for now is his philosophy, although he hopes the business will grow and is open to a different form then.
    this paper needs to analyze Wildermon’s legal business form issues and provides a recommendation as to which form is the best option for his operation.

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