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Are the trends that you have identified problematic

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    For this assignment, you will compose a two to three-page paper, in full APA format, following the instructions provided below.

    Research socioeconomic data for a city of your choice in the US or data for a country other than the US (for example: this page (Links to an external site.) shows some socioeconomic data for Fort Washington, MD – a predominantly African American community). After researching the city or country that you are interested in, respond to the following:

    -Is there anything interesting in the data that you have researched?

    -Do you see any positive or negative trends among minority groups such as Blacks, Women, LGBTQ+ or Disabled Individuals, etc.? If so, what are those trends and why do you perceive them as positive or negative (identify at least three trends).

    -Are the trends that you have identified problematic? Why or why not? (Answer this question for each trend that you have identified).

    -What solutions can be implemented to solve each negative trend noted. If any positive trends are noted, what solutions have been implemented to create the positive trend?

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