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Assignment-case study-preexisting conditions

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    Assignment: Case study – Preexisting Conditions

    Read the following case and answer the associated questions with considerations of GINA.

    Suppose that a 25-year-old woman, whose mother and aunts all were afflicted with breast cancer by the time they were age 45, has a genetic test conducted at her own expense. The test reveals that she has inherited her mother’s genetic susceptibility to breast cancer. After applying for employment and being given the position, her human resources orientation includes registration for employer-paid health insurance.


    1. The insurance questionnaire asks if she suffers from any preexisting medical condition. What should the new employee answer? Explain your answer.
    2. Suppose that, later on, she desires to take advantage of the employer’s wellness program. This includes free annual breast examinations. Should she reveal to the health-care provider that she has a genetic susceptibility to breast cancer? Explain your response.
    3. If she does reveal the results of her genetic testing, what obligations does the health-care provider have (1) to the employee, (2) to the employer, and (3) to the insurance carrier? Explain your answers.
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