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    Alex Franklin, a project manager at APEX, a small computer company that provides software solutions to local banks, was faced with a serious decision that could potentially move his career in a completely new direction. Franklin had been quite successful ever since he started working for the company; however, his main goal was to be promoted to a position in the senior management, which he believed could only be accomplished if he would get the First Street Bank’s account. The bank had established a solid reputation and was well-known for its fair practices and integrity. In order to select the best software firm, the First Street Bank announced that it would utilize a secret bidding process. APEX faced only one major competitor in this process which was the Computer Solutions, a company that had been on the market for a shorter period of time but was, however, able to develop quite successful software and thus, secures its position on the market. Shortly before the final bid deadline, Alex Franklin and his two assistants were invited to the First Street Bank’s vice president’s office, where they were unexpectedly offered an opportunity to look at the folder that contained all the bidding information of their main competitor. Should Alex Franklin open the folder or not? can one apply Kantian theory to this case

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