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Brief summary of the organizational challenge

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    Choose an industry with which you are familiar and identify an organizational challenge that can be resolved using the prescriptive analysis models described in the course thus far.

    Write a paper that applies prescriptive analysis models which include the following:

    -A brief summary of the organizational challenge. What is the nature of the challenge? Why is it significant? What industry is affected by this challenge?

    -A statement identifying the prescriptive modeling method that could most appropriately be applied to the challenge.

    -An identification of and rationale for the variables to be included in the prescriptive analysis method selected. Which exogenous and/or endogenous variables should be included when applying the method to the identified organizational challenge? Why would including these variables support the objective of the method? Why would excluding the variables potentially diminish the effectiveness of the method?

    -An analysis of how to control the variables selected to optimize risk management.

    -A rationale supporting a prescriptive analysis model as more appropriate than other analytical methodologies such as descriptive or predictive modeling for addressing the identified organizational challenge.

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