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Buffet dinner for 50 people at the beginning of summer

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    You and your staff have been asked to provide an indoor buffet dinner for 50 people at the beginning of summer. The occasion is presentation night for a football (soccer) club.

    A range of hot and cold foods has been asked for, including small savoury pastries, pasta dishes, seafood and roasted meats plus vegetables and salads. The customers would also like a range of cheeses and cakes, sweet pastries and cream desserts. Tea and coffee will be required.

    Wine, beer and soft drink will be included in the package and they are willing to pay $75 per head.

    Draw up a menu that would suit this occasion. For each dish describe the presentation method and the serviceware that would be used. Where would recipes come from? What sauces and accompaniments will be served?

    Use imagination and creativity in designing the menu-rather than opting for things like little pies and pasties, coleslaw, potato salad, sausages etc.

    The buffet will be presented on a series of long tables. Draw up a plan for setting out the buffet foods-for each course. Explain the things that must be taken into consideration when planning the table.

    Will hot meats be carved at the buffet and plated by the chef or will they be presented, already carved, on platters? How will hot food be kept hot and how will cold food be kept cold?

    What decorations and centrepieces might be used? Find or draw pictures of them and explain why they would be suitable.

    Explain how you will:

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