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BUSI49107 Professional Practice Assignment

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    BUSI49107 Professional Practice – Nottingham Business School

    Learning Outcome 1: Use diagnostics to examine their strengths and weaknesses and draw up a Personal Action Plan to develop personal effectiveness.

    Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate engagement with the concepts of sustainability and responsible management.

    Learning Outcome 3: Understand and explore how aspects of their discipline contribute to one or more of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

    Learning Outcome 4: Discuss the skills and techniques required to create effective teams and learn how to manage and/or lead team members more effectively.

    Skills, Qualities and Attributes.
    1) Evidence the ability to communicate effectively to professional colleagues and academic audiences in a clear and concise manner.
    2) Demonstrate key professional skills required to develop their employability and future prospects.
    3) Develop the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning.

    Assessment Procedure

    The assessment comprises of a 20-minute video presentation. This will include you answering 5 interview questions (3 on the SDGs and 2 on teamwork/ leadership).

    The Video Presentation: Getting Started
    Your video presentation needs to evidence the learning outcomes stated in the introduction section, as well as any other things you may wish to share with us about what you have learnt.

    How you chose to do this is entirely up to you. This is because everyone’s personal and professional development is different. It will happen in different and unique ways. It may be slow for some or more rapid for others. You may have struggled with it, you may have enjoyed it. No matter what, your personal and professional life-long learning journey is not over- it has only just begun.

    To stimulate your thinking, try reflecting on this meta-(overarching) question to get you started:

    How do you feel you have developed as a person whilst studying at NTU?

    You could also think about giving your video a title- like a book title that reflects what you are going to present. A title to stimulate your thinking, as an example (from the work of Carl Rogers):

    This is Me: The Development of My Professional Thinking and Personal Philosophy.

    You may wish to engage with the learning outcomes in another way. There may be another structure or question(s) you wish to ask of yourself that will enable you to explore and evidence you have met the learning outcomes.

    • What are your strengths and weaknesses based on using diagnostic tools (self- evaluation and examination)? What are your thoughts on these types of self- assessments?

    • Talk about your PDP and how you created your plan of self-development.

    • What have you done during your time as an NBS postgraduate student to develop yourself? How have you changed your practices, and how do you know you have changed?

    • What type of CPD did you do, why did you choose to do these things and what have you learnt? How do these activities link to your Personal Action Plan? Be analytical, and not just descriptive. What have you learnt about yourself? What are you now doing differently because of these learnings? Think about what you have learnt from engaging in these activities/events. Remember do not just describe what you have done, but what you have learnt from what you have done. What new knowledge have you acquired that has informed and changed your actions and attitude and behaviour, for example how you approach other people, your work, and deal with yourself?

    • Reflect on why you think learning about yourself and developing your skills is an important and valuable thing to do in general and in relation to your career ambitions.

    Interview Questions

    • You will be asked 2 interview questions on teamwork. Reflect on what you have learned about leadership and management of people and how you anticipate using your knowledge in the future to manage high performing teams? Talk about team conflicts, negotiations, and challenges (think about your coursework groups and time management, poor performance of others etc.)

    • You will also be asked 3 interview questions on the SDGs and why they matter. You may wish to share your views on their creation, credibility, and implementation. Are you inspired by them? Which ones mean the most to you personally? Which ones are the most important to your future industry? How would you go about implementing them in your place of work? You also need to consider responsible management and what that means.

    The Video Presentation: Design and Layout
    You can prepare for the video presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi or a similar presentation software. If you want to stick to a format with which you are most familiar feel free for this video to use a set of voiced-over Prezi or Powerpoint presentation slides.

    Practice is essential, so make sure you that run through your presentation in advance. If you have used slides to structure your talk but your video just shows your face rather than the slides, you may want to also drop-box your slides so that your tutor can look at these at the same time as viewing the video.

    Or you can choose to just speak directly into a camera without the use of any presentation software. You can be in any location you wish, bedroom, park, café, parked car, garden 9just make sure the background noise is not too noisy).

    It would be nice to see you on the video. We build relationships with each other through the year, so it’s nice to end that relationship with you presenting yourself on the video. However, it is not mandatory, and you do not have to do this if you do not wish too.

    To help your connection with your audience try to avoid just reading from a script. It sounds monotone and does not always bring that level of authenticity we would like to hear (particularly if we cannot see you on the video).

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