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CEM5ACS Advanced Construction Systems Assignment

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    CEM5ACS Advanced Construction Systems – La Trobe University

    Basement and Post-tensioned Concrete

    Design Brief

    This is a group assignment (2 students per group) on prestressed concrete framed within a single level basement structure.

    A proposed development as detailed on the attached set of working drawings is to be constructed for “BLUESCOPE STEEL” which is Australia’s largest distributor of steel. BlueScope intend to use the facility as a storage and distribution centre for rolls of Hot-Rolled coils. The development will consist of two levels: a single level basement and a ground level warehouse style structure built with steel portal frames. The proposed location is in a built-up area with existing buildings.

    The basement area of the storage and distribution facility is to be used as a storage area for the rolls of coils as shown in Figure 1; while the ground level suspended floor (slab over basement) will be built mainly to receive display racks for the rolls of coils as shown in Figure 2.

    To date, an engineering design has been completed by a consultancy firm in Melbourne and they have proposed to use traditional reinforced concrete system to frame the basement and ground floor structural elements. As a guide for the geometrical layout of the proposed facility, the piles are places at 2000mm centres.

    Assume you are working as an Assistant Construction Manager for a construction firm in Melbourne that does design and construct (D&C) projects. Your supervisor has asked you to develop a technical report and to propose an alternative structural system for the proposed development. To prepare your report, the list of tasks outlined below must be addressed.

    Your written report must include either detailed scale drawings or neatly hand drawn drawings and embodied within the text. Make sure your report answers and covers all the sections listed below and that the report is set out with each response is numbered accordingly.

    To complete your report, students are allowed to use information provided in this brief, provided sample drawings and lecture content together with your own research, explanations provided during the assignment brief and knowledge of basements and prestressed concrete design concepts.


    1. Based on the working drawings made available to complete your report, provide a brief description (in point form) of the structural framing system prescribed for the proposed construction of the basement and ground floor. Include the geometric properties where applicable. (Minimum 8 valid points to be listed)

    2. Briefly explain the reasons why the engineer has prescribed the various documented footing and retention system parts given in the drawings. Including a list of all consideration you will need to consider during construction of the basement. (Minimum 4 valid reasons and 7 valid considerations to be provided)

    3. Using dot points, list a sequence of constructing the proposed development up to and including the ground floor slab.

    4. Due to the high storage loads that will be imposed on the concrete floor slabs, it is required to replace the basement floor and suspend ground floor with a post tensioned concrete system using only 12.7mm strands. You are required to develop the following:

    a. Detailed plan layout of the post tensioned floor for both the basement floor and the ground floor slabs. Provide a legend of symbols for the constituent elements provided.

    b. Assume a band beam 1200 wide will be required along grid line C of the suspended ground floor slab, draw a detailed longitudinal section of the tendon profile along the entire length of the grid line C and between grids 1-9. Briefly explain why the tendon profiling has the shape you have drawn.

    c. Draw a cross section of the tendon profiling along grid line 8.

    5. The owner have requested that they do not need any internal column in the basement. Provide an alternative construction system that can be employed for constructing the suspended floor to achieve a column free basement and provide reasons your answer. Develop a floor framing plan and calculate what will be the maximum imposed load that the owner can put over the suspended slab.

    Students must submit a written report, accompanied with either detailed scale drawings or annotated photographs embodied within the text. Make sure your report answers and covers all the sections listed below and that the report is set out and each response is numbered accordingly

    Compile your report and provide a completed cover sheet of the report. Students will earn a maximum of 25% marks for this assignment.

    The report should be submitted in A4 format and A3 for drawings and a maximum of 10 pages including cover sheet, lead page, content page and list of references (if any) and additional sketches and drawings. All sketches must be annotated and indicate member sizes. Attached a cover page (available on LMS). Use note form only in your report, this assignment is not to be done in an essay format.

    Attachment:- Advanced Construction Systems.rar

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