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Change the job description of a transcriptionist

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    Certain members of the executive management team at ABC Hospital are interested in adding voice recognition software to their current EH. As director of HIM, Cynthia is preparing an extensive report on the impact this would have on the department. She is proposing that a feasibility study and subsequent request for proposal be completed.

    The report includes information on voice recognition such as the projected workload of voice recognition software and how it would be implemented in the daily EH operations. This includes its usage for the standard transcribed reports, such as discharge summaries; histories and physical exams; operative, autopsy, and consultation reports; physician progress notes; nursing care documentation; and other therapy documentation. A review of historic and current transcription workload, number of staff with respective salary and benefits, supplies, and equipment is completed. One of the objectives Cynthia has made is to interview HIM directors at other hospitals who use voice recognition. She wants feedback on how it changed the HIM functions within the department and the hospital. In addition, she wants to know how this software affects the quality of the generated reports and how much time is invested in report editing by the staff. The physician query process is another area that she wants to scrutinize. The transcription supervisor is also trying to determine what criteria and updated skills will be needed in the retained employees. The human resources department was consulted regarding the process of lay-offs for some of the staff whose positions are not upgraded.


    Recommend changes needneeded to change the job description of a transcriptionist to an editor for transcribed reports.

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