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Characteristics of today workforce

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    These top three characteristics of today’s workforce and how they influence human resource management!

    First, the number of aging workers is increasing. This is because workers have financial stability and a desire to work as long as their health permits.

    Secondly, there is an increase in remote work. It is now possible to instantly grasp the judgments and decisions that direct actions that lead to problem solving. If we compare society as a whole to the human body, digital technology, which is responsible for the distribution and analysis of data, acts like a nervous system that perceives and transmits information. It is also essential for responding to times yet to be envisioned and for solving various human resource problems.

    Third, hiring singes are everywhere. Employers are having a hard time finding good people. Without further consideration of the diverse lifestyles of employees in the benefits provided by the company, it will be difficult to attract talent.


    Which ideas or thoughts did you read that you found interesting or insightful? How did these ideas or thoughts inform your own thinking?

    Are there any sections that you think you read that could expound upon? (e.g. “I’d really like to hear more about how you think political corruption is a primary factor in this case.”)

    What thoughts or questions does your reading response trigger for you?

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