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CIS 554 IT Project Leadership Strategies Assignment

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    CIS 554 IT Project Leadership Strategies – Strayer University

    Assignment – Implementing Best Practices

    LO: Recommend best practices and process frameworks to manage a software development project.


    Imagine that you are employed by an organization that would like to further invest in the development of internal iOS applications. The organization finds it very costly to maintain vendor-built and maintained iOS apps. It believes that the strategy of developing internal iOS apps could provide cost savings in the long run.

    One of your responsibilities at this organization is to advise upper management on the latest trends and methodologies of software project management strategies. Upper management has asked you to identify and analyze the challenges and issues that the software development teams may experience if they transition to this new strategy. In addition, you are asked to provide your suggestions and solutions to mitigate the challenges and issues.

    Write a 4-6 page paper in which you:

    Describe the latest trends of software project management strategies and suggest at least three methodologies of software project management strategies for this project.

    Select the optimal software project management strategy for this project and provide a rationale.

    Select three typical constraints that may exist while managing and leading software projects within this organization. Analyze why the determination and clarification of these constraints are essential within the planning phases of the project.

    State the relationship between the organizational structure and a project manager’s level of authority and responsibility.

    Suggest how a typical software engineering team could be staffed and describe each team member’s role. Determine the skills that are required for each team member for the success of the software project development.

    Select two software project management frameworks as options for software development. Discuss how each framework provides an opportunity for efficient project resource management. Use examples to justify your answer.

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