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Co-ordinated client access to short-term crisis beds

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    Write a cover letter  based on this resume PLEASE IN ENGLISH


    Dedicated Bachelor’s level graduate with over 7 years of customer service experience. Skilled in technical, clerical, consumer, and client support. Strong ability to communicate clearly and effectively.


    Bachelor of Science in Mental Health Consultant

    University of Texas

    Work Experience

    Mental Health Worker 

    ABC Corporation 

    December 2018 – January 2022

    • Co-ordinated client access to short-term crisis beds.
    • Liaison and collaborated with other short-term crisis bed providers.
    • Provided a variety of individualized on-site supports including, but not limited to, addressing immediate short-term housing needs, accessing financial aid, assessing medical supports, working with families, crisis prevention intervention, advocacy, referrals to other services, etc.
    • Liaison and collaborated with other mental health and justice service providers, mobile crisis teams, hospitals, physicians, community workers, substance abuse programs, landlords, and family members on behalf of clients.
    • Delivered all services in a professional manner and according to established guidelines and associated benchmarks; actively participate in household tasks including cleaning and domestic routines.

    Mental Health Worker

    Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center

    June 2015 – November 2019

    • Provided support, guidance, and structure for youth in a residential psychiatric facility.
    • Collaborated closely with the treatment team to appropriately coordinate client care services.
    • Taught youth anger management techniques, relaxation skills, impulse control, social skills, emotional coping skills, and functional living skills.
    • Monitored youth to determine the potential need for escalation of care.
    • Facilitated 4 group therapy sessions per week.
    • Counseled and prepared youth for their transition back into the community.
    • Maintained thorough case history records and wrote detailed reports.
    • Checked facility for open windows, locked doors, malfunctioning smoke detectors, and other safety hazards.


    • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
    • Knowledgeable in housing, health care, and community resources
    • Highly trained in Crisis intervention, Patient care, CPR, Medication administration
    • Resourceful in completing the tasks
    • Proficient in computer skills Microsoft Office, Client Information Systems, Web browsing
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