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Common customer complaints

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    Briefly describe the following that you might use in a specific industry sector: 

    1. Professional service standards and protocols for service industry personnel
    2. Attitudes and attributes expected by the service industries to work with customers
    3. Different customer service needs and expectations
    4. Types of customer loyalty programs
    5. Essential features and use of the customer databases

    Briefly describe the following that you might need to understand in a particular organisation: 

    1. Designated response times for providing service and resolving complaints
    2. Customer service policies and procedures
    3. Complaint handling policies and procedures
    4. Promotional services offered

    Briefly outline the procedures for responding to the following common customer complaints:

    1. Incorrect pricing or quotes
    2. Delays or errors in providing products or services
    3. Misunderstanding of customer requests
    4. Escalated complaints or disputes
    5. Other team members or suppliers not providing special requests
    6. Misunderstandings or communication barriers
    7. Unmet expectations of, or problems or faults with, a service or product
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