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Compare and contrast direct and constructive contempt

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    Question: Do the following:

    Compare and contrast “direct” and “constructive” contempt.

    Compare and contrast “criminal contempt” and “civil contempt”.

    Which one of these types of contempt above (direct, constructive, criminal, or civil contempt) requires proof that the defendant facing these charges had specific or purposeful intent to commit their actions or inactions that are now the cause for the contempt charge?

    Go to Google Scholar Google Scholar and find a case where a person is charged with CRIMINAL contempt (not civil), and explain the case’s facts, the court’s holding and the court’s rationale. Please provide the link to the case for your instructor to quickly review it AND give a short summary of the facts of the case and the holding. You cannot use a case cited in our text or book for this chapter dealing with Contempt: It must be a case that is not mentioned in our book.

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