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Complaints-returns department of large department store

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    You work in the complaints and returns department of a large department store. Your job often involves dealing with dishonest people who want to return merchandise to the store for a refund. The store is reasonable about accepting returns, provided the returned item is in its original box (and therefore can be resold or returned to the manufacturer), and when the customer has proof of purchase dated within seven days of the return. Beyond that, the management wants you to be less accommodating, since most people who can’t satisfy those criteria are usually trying to get a refund for something they already used and/or broke. If necessary, you do have a small weekly budget to cover the cost of returned items which the store cannot resell or return to the manufacturer. However, your boss is clearly happier when that budget remains unspent.

    A customer wants to return a stainless steel blender bought 12 days ago. He claims that after he tried the blender at home, he realized that it is either defective, or poorly designed, so he wants his money back. The customer has the sales slip, but threw away the box the blender came in.

    How would you handle this customer’s return request and why?

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