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Conduct an structural outline on exxon mobil

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    Conduct an Structural Outline on EXXON MOBIL with the following

    1. General description of the EXXON MOBIL
    2. General history of the EXXON MOBIL
    3. History of mergers and acquisitions
    4. Recent news events or issues of the EXXON MOBIL
    5. Products and services provided by the EXXON MOBIL
    6. The executive management team of the EXXON MOBIL
    7. Stakeholders of the EXXON MOBIL
    8. How the EXXON MOBIL is structurally organized globally
    9. Scope of international operations (# of countries, # of offices, etc…)
    10. How the EXXON MOBIL approaches global operations (ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric, or regiocentric).
    11. How the EXXON MOBIL approaches human resources globally (centralized, decentralized, or hybrid)
    12. Information about how the EXXON MOBIL manages international assignments for employees
    13. Other pertinent human resource topics the student deems relevant about the EXXON MOBIL

    Executive Summary Section: You are required to provide an executive management summary section of the research steps, research sources, compiled data, and research findings.

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