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Corporate social responsibility initiatives

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    ((Analyze and evaluate the extent to which a business benefits from its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.))


    – Include opening sentences.

    – background info (few reasons why you are writing the es s ay).

    – Include the e s say statement.

    a. Paragraph 1: Discuss the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. In your answer, explain an example of a CSR strategy adopted by a business.

    b. Paragraph 2 and 3: Evaluate the effectiveness of CSR initiatives by discussing the benefits and drawbacks (costs) of implementing CSR strategies for businesses.

    c. Paragraph 4: Discuss how CSR and CSR strategies have changed over the years by using ONE relevant example of a CSR initiative by a business to support your answer.


    – Provide a summary of the text which you just have written.

    – answer the main question of the e s say by using the evidence in the e s say provided to support your opinions.

    – Repeat the idea of your ess ay, and major points of your work but express them differently.

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