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Could you define that point objectively

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    Questions: Set #1

    Americans generally consider it healthy to have high self-esteem. Is it possible for self-esteem to be too high? If so, how would you be able to tell when that point is reached? Is it subjective, based simply on each person’s opinion, or could you define that point objectively?

    Questions: Set #2

    Research in the field has found that having both healthy higher levels of self-esteem and emotional states are related to overall health and well-being for adolescent individuals in the United States. What are some practical ways that families and teachers can support healthy self-esteem and emotional states for youth?

    Researchers report that adolescent girls have lower overall self-esteem than adolescent boys, yet boys have lower average emotional states than girls do. Is this a contradiction, or is it possible that both these findings could be true? Explain.

    Questions: Set #3

    Imagine that you are an adolescent and you have just moved with your family to a new country and are immersed in a new culture that is very different from your home country. Might this impact your identity development and self-concept? Speculate upon possible effects drawing upon the lecture. Provide examples.

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