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    Question: In your role as a junior digital marketing consultant in the Australian marketing agency, you are required to choose the analytics methodology and data required to inform decision making in the business. Your first client is the medium sized restaurant business operating in Melbourne CBD. Your manager has tasked you with creating a report on your client organization with an intention to submit this document to both the internal stakeholders and the client. As a junior digital marketing consultant, you are to suggest the types of analytics and data required by the firm to inform decision making of the client and present your findings a 2000 -word report.

    For this, your report should focus on the following:

    • Information pertaining to the background of the company, current digital presence, and importance of effective marketing analytics.

    • Three dimensions of audience measurement (audience reach, audience attention, audience engagement)

    o How to measure audience reach, attention, and engagement

    o Why measure audience reach, attention, and engagement

    • Website metrics

    o Which metrics to use

    o Rationale in using these metric

    • Recommend three common categories of tools/tools available (e.g. – Search insights (search intent and key word based), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), User surveys, Website profiling, Web analytics

    o Explain relevance of selected tools

    • Digital ecosystem audit – Analyze elements of current digital ecosystem, interconnections, and recommendations for prioritization

    o Create a digital ecosystem map

    o Audit three key platforms (focus on how audience finds platforms, priority levels, audience segments targeted, benefit of this platform)

    o Provide recommendations for improvement. You are expected to use marketing theory in your report to engage the reader and provide context to the stakeholders.

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