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Create a reorganization report

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    Review the NoJax Company background document as part of your analysis and create a reorganization report that:

    Includes an executive summary that discusses the value of organizational behavior analysis for NoJax and challenges and opportunities in applying your recommendations.

    Examines the big-five personality traits for your analysis of the workforce from the background document and determine what personalities and personal values are a good “organizational fit” for NoJax Inc.

    Analyzes policies that can improve employee motivation and how these policies might influence employee behavior, attitudes, and motivation.

    Note: policies may need to be updated. Proposes one change for each of NoJax’s barriers and then discuss how the changes will create more effective and supportive communication to build better relationships.

    Details the process of decision-making NoJax currently uses and provides recommendations on how they can better use the negotiation process, ensuring NoJax is making each step of the decision-making process more efficient.

    Summarizes how each management person should best use their management style to have the most significant positive influential impact onemployees. employees.

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