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    Assignment – Linear Models and Trendlines
    U.S. Vehicle Sales, 1951-2014 is attached.
    1. In IvyLearn, you will find an Excel spreadsheet of the US vehicle sales data. Use the data to perform the following tasks:
    a. Create a scatter plot of the data.
    b. Include a title for the scatter plot and labels for both the horizontal and vertical axes.
    c. Add a linear trend line to the graph.
    d. Create a two-paragraph report with your graph (showing the trend line) addressing the following items:
    i. How good is the correlation between x and y for this data?
    ii. Interpret the slope of the trendline in a complete sentence.
    iii. Use the trend line equation to estimate the sales for 2014, and compare this estimate to the actual production.
    iv. Use the trend line equation to estimate the sales from your birth year. Compare that estimate to the actual 2014 value. How much have sales changed since your birth year? Find the relative change in sales since your birth year and interpret the meaning of this value.
    v. Should we use the trend line model to estimate the sales value for 2020? Why or why not?
    Note – Turn in the answers to the questions and an Excel file via the link in IvyLearn. Show work to receive full credit. Make sure to show the values you put into the linear models.
    Attachment:- Linear Models Assignment Files.rar

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