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Create new meaning for yourself by identifying one idea

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    To create your initial post, you are to synthesise the third person (expert knowledge) in the resources and through reflection create New meaning for yourself by identifying ONE idea or Theme linking these resources, i.e., when you consider each of your resources what new understanding emerges for you (first person generative knowledge).

    Explain how this new understanding changes the way you view yourself and others.

    Use APA 7 referencing.

    Word Count 150 words

    This week you are asked to identify ONE idea or theme that links three resources chosen from the table below (One from each of A, B & C).

    Resource A – readings


    Chapter 4: The Body as Relationship: Emotion, pleasure, and pain.


    Chapter 9: Therapy as Relational Recovery

    Resource B – video

    Porges & Mate

    Trauma and the Nervous System

    (Video is available on the FLO site not via the readings link).

    Resource C – readings


    Chapter 7: Empathy Reflection and reflective responding


    Chow (The First Kiss)

    Section II: Increase your impact Pg. 48 – 118

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