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Critically analyse the key concepts of person

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    Assessment Instructions

    You are required to submit a fully referenced academic paper in a report format that answers the questions from the case study. Your report should demonstrate your knowledge and application of best evidence-based nursing practice in relation to assessment. Nursing care and evaluation of care for the five aspects as described in the task instructions. Your answers should be informed by your reading of the current research and literature.


    This report is designed to develop a capacity to identify, research and critically analyse the key concepts of person-centered care within the scope of the NMBA Nurse Standards for Practice and to assess nursing attributes for this course.


    The report format must include:
    – a cover page as outlined under submission
    – an introduction – an overview of the case study in your own words and an outline of what the report will cover,
    – a body detailing the crucial aspects of the topic – headings are to be used in the body of the text – use the question you are answering as your healing&
    – a conclusion – a summary of what was covered in the report, no new information is introduced in the conclusion,
    – and reference list formatted according to APA 7th edition requirements.

    Scenario: William is a 15-year old male who attended the emergency department following an injury.
    William is generally an active young man involved in football, cricket and going to the gym.
    Following the injury, although he was able to weight bear William was directed to rest and elevate his leg avoiding any activity that may
    separate the sutures and wound. He was also to keep the wound dry which meant no swimming in summer.

    William was attempting an obstacle course in his grandparents dam when he lost his footing on the pictured stump:

    Attachment:- Scenario.rar

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