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Cultural views of play

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    Through play children begin to explore the world, they try out new roles and learn how to use their bodies, minds and senses. Through play children learn to how to fit into society. Through play children develop physically and creatively. Children learn new things by experimenting in much the same way as a scientist experiments. Through play children learn to problem solve and negotiate.

    As a child development professional, you learn the critical importance of play in the lives of young children but not all people feel the same way about play.

    Some people see play as a distinctly different activity apart from learning. Some people and cultures may see play as a waste of learning time. Some parents today are so worried about academic performance that they think a preschooler should be doing pencil and paper tasks and having teachers teach through direct teaching, like they remember from their elementary years.

    Play is important for ADULTS as well as for children. Many of the most creative entrepreneurs and techies will say that they are the most creative when they have added play to their lives.

    So let’s explore your thoughts and experiences with play!

    1. How did your parents view play as you were growing up?

    2. Did your culture’s view of males and females affect your ability to play? If so, please describe.

    3. What are your best memories of play?

    4. For those of you who are working in a preschool, have you had experiences with parents who want to see more formal academics and less play? If so, what did you or the teacher do?

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