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Debates and extensions and ethical dilemma

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    1. Individual 1-Page Paper

    This is a weekly assignment that students should submit for chapters to be covered in each class session.

    Every chapter in the Global Business textbook has a section on “Debates andExtensions” and “Ethical Dilemma” (see also the “Critical Discussion Questions” at the end of very chapter for your reference). Pick any one topic from Debates and Extensions or Ethical Dilemma to write a 1-page paper.

    Students need to both summarize the debate/ethical dilemma (less than ½ page), and answer the question: How does the assigned chapter/reading help you understand and participate in the debate? For example, between two contrasting positions A and B, you had always intuitively supported A (before taking the class). Now you find assigned readings to intellectually support your support for A. Or, despite your initial belief in A, through this course, you now support B. Tell us why.

    This assignment is to be done on an individual basis. Please submit a hardcopy at the
    beginning of the class. The may present your paper in paragraph form, in which case single spaced, or in outline form as bullet point. No cover page is required. Use any fonts you want with the size of 12.

    As an expert on certain debates, please be prepared to participate in these debates in class. I expect everybody to have read these debates and ethical dilemmas in the chapter before class and be able to participate. But I may call on the experts, those who write the papers on these debates, to add more to our discussion.

    Required Text:Peng, Mike W. (2017). Global Business (4th Ed.). Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 9781305500891

    NOTE: Please working on Chapter13, chapter14

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