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Decide the project you want to execute and present

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    Question – Business Discussion

    Question 1 – Find an article that describes a project that failed. For your second discussion post this week, provide a link to a copy of your article, and provide a brief description of the project and why it failed.

    Question 2 – Read the instructions for your personal project, then think about and decide the project you want to execute and present to your classmates. For this week’s discussion board, in a short paragraph, share with the class a brief overview of your personal project.

    Question 3 – Now that you have had exposure to two methods of project activity planning (Activity Network and GANTT), please use this week’s discussion board to post your thoughts and opinions on these two different tools. Which method do you prefer? Why? Which schedule is more useful? Why?

    Question 4 – One of the most difficult decisions for any leader is to decide when to “cut losses” and abandon an effort. An effective project framework should include a decision point at the end of each phase allowing the project sponsor the opportunity to decide whether or not to continue the project. This is especially important when a project faces significant cost overruns. Please share your thoughts on how a project sponsor should arrive at a decision to abandon a project that is facing serious cost overruns. When is “too much” too much? At what point does one decide to just give up and stop a project? Must some projects continue NO MATTER WHAT the cost?

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