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Define the criminal offense you think dan committed

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    Question: An individual named Dan Smith walks into a local gas station in the city where you live. Dan walks up to the counter, points a hand gun at the clerk, and hands the clerk a plastic bag. Dan yells at the clerk, “give me all the money from the cash register or you will be sorry!” The clerk obeys Dan’s orders and puts all the money from the cash register into the plastic bag, and then gives the bag to Dan. Dan runs out of the store. The clerk immediately calls 911 to report the incident. Law enforcement officers later identify Dan as a suspect from the security camera footage from the gas station. Dan is arrested and taken to jail.

    For your initial post, identify and define the criminal offense you think Dan committed in the scenario. What category is Dan’s offense: felony? Misdemeanor? Is the offense a state crime? Federal crime? Based on the state where you live, explain where Dan’s case will be prosecuted. That is, where will charges be filed? What level of court?

    For your reply post, respond to a peer who discussed prosecution of Dan’s case in a different state.

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