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Describe characteristics that define modern era of policing

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    Discussion: The Beginning of “Modern”

    The world of policing today is significantly different than even 10 years ago. That difference can be charted in technological, legal, and social realms. Sometimes a single event can symbolize a turning point, such as the dropping of the atomic bomb in the 1940s. But more often, what seems an abrupt change is really an evolution over many years, such as the move from foot patrols to car-based patrols to cameras mounted near street corners. In this Discussion, you consider the history of law enforcement in the context of changes from “historic” to “modern.”

    Post a response to the following:

    • Describe characteristics that define the “modern” era of policing.

    • Explain how these characteristics create a distinction between historical eras of policing.

    • Explain criteria that make modern day law enforcement effective.

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