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Describe the options that are worthy of consideration

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    Choose any personal or professional problem based on evidence based decision making(EBDM). In defining the problem, you have to consider what the purpose of the decision is and what your intended goal is. You can choose this problem or difficulty in decision making from any of your business strategic plan or business plan. Where you have identified your “problem” as a professional one (such as a safety or customer service issue) you will find it helpful to locate your organization’s operational plan or mission statement, because you will want to ensure that when you are asking the question “what is the issue?”, you need to be certain that the decision you come up with at the end fits into and advances the mandate of your organization.

    On considering the problem, just answer the following questions:

    • What was/is the initial problem or issue you identified? This response should reflect what you initially contemplated prior to commencing any further research. Describe the issue or problem as you saw it.
    • Explain how the issue/problem relates to the organization’s plan/mandate
    • Provide a brief summary of your research. For example, when thinking about your issue/problem, who else or what other organizations have run across this same or similar issue? What other perspectives have you considered? Be sure to cite any published resources (Internet or otherwise). You do not need to go to the extent the textbook suggests; however, you should conduct enough research to support how you ultimately framed the question.
    • Identify and frame the appropriate question – this is where you will state the question you have arrived at that best describes the issue/problem. Remember, the question should reflect the organization’s mandate.
    • Outline options: identify and briefly describe the options that are worthy of consideration in resolving the issue/problem you have identified.
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