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    Question: Imagine you work for a correctional facility and have been tasked with creating a handbook with detailed strategies for managing special issues involved with sex offenders in a jail, prison, or inpatient treatment setting.

    Create a 1,400- word handbook that details strategies for dealing with 5 of the 7 issues listed below as they pertain to the management of sex offenders in your chosen setting:

    • Preventing sexual assault

    • Psycho-therapeutic treatment options

    • Placing victims in separate housing

    • Safety concerns

    • Furlough programs

    • Screening and classification procedures

    • Undiagnosed sex offenders

    • Strategies for dealing with resistance to treatment

    • Inmates who become sex offenders after being incarcerated

    • Effect of incarceration on the offenders after their release

    • Reintegrating sex offenders into the community

    Include 3 sources.

    Format any citations in your handbook consistent with APA guidelines.

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