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Determine the purpose of evaluating the hrd programmes

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    Experienced as well as new human resource practitioners and trainers need to be stimulated and enlightened into believing that they do not only learn what training and development programmes to conduct but why they do these programmes. This consists of reflective experiences, meticulous research, and attractive and effective presentation of their findings.

    Conduct a telephone/skype/email/face-to-face interview with a Human Resource Manager in your own organisation or any other organisation which preferably, is at least a middle sized organisation.

    1. Write a report on the findings. Provide clear and relevant information on the background of the organisation and the HR Department structure. Do not disclose the name of the organisation unless you have obtained permission from the management.

    2. Explain the reasons why HRD programmes are conducted and their relative worth to the goals and strategies in the organisation of your choice.

    3. Determine the purpose of evaluating the HRD programmes conducted by the organisation.

    4. Explore how the HRD programmes are evaluated for their effectiveness to determine whether these programmes were the solution to the HR Department’s pursuit for excellence among employees.

    5. Provide recommendations to enhance the HRD programmes for the organisation as we know that training and development is an organisational activity which is carried out to improve performance of the employees through the process of learning. Justify your recommendations.

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