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Develop a mission statement for your organization

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    Multicultural Organization Development

    Learning outcome 1: Propose goals and best practices that support an organization’s diversity mission

    As an employee of a higher education, post-secondary education, or a corporate learning environment (identified in the learning activity, Research a Diverse Adult Learning Organization) you have just been identified as the Senior Diversity Officer. This is a new position which was developed as a result of the organization’s deficiency in diversity and multiculturalism in virtually every facet of the organization’s operations.

    In your new role, your primary responsibility is to promote and implement diversity in the overall organization and, most importantly, in the educational aspects.

    You will write a 3-5 page paper in which you:

    1. Develop a mission statement for your organization ‘s diversity office. For more information o n how to develop a mission statement, read the MindTools article, Mission Statements and Vision Statements: Unleashing the Power of Purpose.

    2. Determine how and why this mission statement is significant for future diversity implementation at your organization.

    3. Prepare a minimum of five measurable goals that will b e implemented throughout the o rga n izatio n’s structure.

    Provide a rationale for each goal and determine how each goal will impact the future of diversity at your organization.

    Indicate the method you will use to measure progress o n each goal and how you will identify when each goal has been accomplished.

    For more information on SMART goals and how to create them, read the MindTools article, SMART Goals: How to Make Your Goals Achievable.

    4 . From academic resources, choose one best practice which would also be beneficial to your institution. Explain how the best practice you chose aligns with your mission statement and goals.

    5. Use at least four quality academic resources written within the past five years.

    Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. Use the Strayer University Online Library to identify these sources.

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