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Develop capacity to lead innovative thinking

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    BSBSTR801 Lead innovative thinking and practice

    Task – Performance and Skills Assessment

    Task summary
    This assessment task requires you to undertake market research relevant to a product or service available in today’s marketplace.

    This project requires you to complete the assessment tasks in a real workplace (your current workplace can be used). If you are not working, select a workplace you are familiar with.

    You are required to demonstrate your ability to:

    – lead at least one innovative thinking and practices for an organisation or work area.

    In the course of the above, the candidate must:

    – research, review and analyse trends in thinking and emerging practices as they relate to an organisation’s current thinking and practices

    – develop capacity to lead innovative thinking and practice in an organisational context

    1. Read the case study below and complete the task that follow.

    ABC Corporation is a fitness centre that has been in the business for 5 years. It employs 10 staff and has 120 subscribers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, its monthly income lowered by at least $10,000 per month.

    Assume that you have just been hired as the new Innovation Manager of ABC Corporation. In this task, you are required to develop an Annual Innovation Review of the organisation. Its goal in 2022 is to lower its operational expense by $5,000 and ensure productive sessions with subscribers.

    In your Annual Innovation Review, you need to research and review at least one (1) of the organisation’s trend relating to its current thinking and practice and discuss how you can support and sustain it in the next 5 years as Innovation Manager.Please use the template provided.

    Annual Innovation Review
    Name and description of organisation

    Innovative thinking and creativity

    Trends that shaped the organisation’s current and future thinking and practice

    Techniques and tools used to generate ideas and facilitate thinking

    Creative thinking techniques

    Relevant conditions for innovation and issues that impact innovative thinking and creativity

    Innovation drivers and enablers

    Leading innovative practices

    Personal leadership style to confirm it models positive innovative thinking and practice

    Practice that models and supports innovation

    Requirements to promote sustainable innovative activities

    Methods to promote knowledge transfer with relevant stakeholders

    Risks associated with innovation and how to manage them

    Supporting the culture of innovation

    Innovative practices, processes, products and/or services according to audience and organisational requirements

    Ways to capture, communicate and share innovative ideas and practices

    Team approaches foster communication, consultation and team development for innovation

    Relevant resources for innovation processes

    Strategies to foster a workplace culture that encourages innovation

    Systems and processes that support innovation

    Sustaining innovative thinking and practice

    Strategies where innovation is an integral part of organisational activity

    Processes to undertake that will confirm ongoing awareness of individual and collective contributions to innovative thinking and practice

    Potential barriers and risks to innovation and devise strategies to respond

    Innovation performance as a basis for developing strategies for improvement

    Feedback from relevant stakeholders

    Changes to innovative thinking and practices according to feedback received

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