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Develop communication plan for construction industry

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    Communication is one of the main predictors of success in projects. Ensure good communication to avoid delays, rework, and costly misunderstandings.

    Communication within the confines of a construction project can prove to be decisive on whether the project is successful or not. Construction consists of many different elements. These include different roles, tasks and collaborations throughout the course of the project. To make sure that this all comes together smoothly, clear and effective communication is key.

    Poor communication can cause a snowball effect. A simple misunderstanding could cause many more as the project progresses. Ultimately, this will lead to mistakes and rework, which can waste many valuable resources. This is why clear, well defined communication paths and workflows are so important.

    Let’s take a look into how you can maximise and enhance the communication strategy throughout the construction process.

    The Importance of Communication in Construction Industry Sites

    Construction projects follow a chain of communication from one person to the next, from one party to another party. For example, between the architect providing drawings to the contractor and the type of approval that is required in selecting and applying the final coat of paint to a building, there is a very long chain of processes and tasks that need to be clear and precise in order to make these types of decisions quick and accurate. Different people in various roles carry out these types of processes, hence the importance of good communication.

    If there are any miscommunications or incorrect briefings in the chains of communication between the contractor to subcontractors, architect to the builders, etc. then projects, tasks and activities stand the chance of being completed incorrectly.

    If this occurs, it would require some expensive rework to fix things. This will involve replanning and rebuilding – something that consumes more time and money. As a result, the entire construction project will be thrown off track, with resources being unnecessarily used to mitigate and correct the mistakes that have been made. With profit margins being tight within the construction industry, the cost of rework can quickly whittle these away.

    To avoid going over budget and over schedule, it’s crucial to put clear communication and collaboration systems in place right from the outset of a project. Teams need to be able to communicate seamlessly from the very first planning stages right through to the end. This will not only enhance the construction management process, but it will keep the entire project on track and importantly, indirectly, improve productivity and mitigate possible delay claims.

    Safety communication among construction workers is fundamental to effective safety management. However, evidence suggests that poor safety communication is a common problem in construction workplaces. In fact, previous research has unveiled a number of systemic barriers to effective safety communication in the construction industry. When workers do not sufficiently communicate relevant safety hazards and appropriate injury prevention measures, unexpected injuries can follow. Therefore, research examining factors that promote or impede effective safety communication is necessary, (Pandith et al, 2019).

    1. Using Sender-Receiver model identify and explain three elements that can explain the critical communication failures in a large construction site?

    2. Who involve in external communication in the construction industry?

    3. Suppose that you are going to develop a communication plan for the construction industry. Explain five elements that you considered important for a communication plan.

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