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Different stages of the software engineering process

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    MITS5002 Software Engineering Methodology – Case Study Assignment


    This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to improve student collaborative skills in a team environment and to give students experience in constructing a range of documents as deliverables form different stages of the Software Engineering Process using a simulated industry case study.

    Case Study Assignment:

    In this assignment students will work in small groups to develop components of the Software Specification and Design Documents discussed in lectures. Student groups should be formed by Session four. Each group needs to complete the group participation form attached to the end of this document. Assignments will not be grades unless a group participation form is completed.

    Carefully read the associated CASE STUDY for this assignment contained in the document MITS5002CaseStudy.doc

    From this Case Study you are to prepare the following:
    1. Specification Document
    a. Executive Summary
    b. System Description
    c. Scope
    d. Feasibility Analysis
    e. Requirements Specification
    i. Functional
    ii. Non-Functional
    f. Assumptions/ Constraints
    g. Use Cases (from functional requirements) (at least 4 per group)
    i. Use Case Diagrams
    ii. Use Case Descriptions
    h. Context Model
    i. Levelled Set of Functional Models
    2. Design Document
    a. Executive Summary
    b. Architectural Design
    c. Hardware Specifications
    d. Detailed Class Diagram
    e. Interface Design (at least 4 per group)
    i. Wireframe Diagrams
    f. Business Process Models (utilizing BPMN 2.0) (at least 4 per group)
    g. Sequence Diagrams (at least 4 per group)
    h. Interaction Diagrams (at least 4 per group)
    i. State Diagrams (at least 4 per group)

    The above list of documents is not necessarily in any order. The chronological order we cover these topics in lectures is not meant to dictate the order in which you collate these into one coherent document for your assignment.

    Your report must include a Title Page with the title of the Assignment and the name and ID numbers of all group members. A contents page showing page numbers and titles of all major sections of the report. All Figures included must have captions and Figure numbers and be referenced within the document.

    Captions for figures placed below the figure, captions for tables placed above the table. Include a footer with the page number. Your report should use 1.5 spacing with a 12 point Times New Roman font.

    Include references where appropriate. Citation of sources is mandatory and must be in the Harvard style.

    Attachment:- Software Engineering Methodology.rar

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