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Different views of an event at different points

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    Mark Twain’s essay, “Two Ways of Seeing a River,” contrasts the perception of one person before and after acquiring a particular body of knowledge.

    Different people also usually perceive the same scene or event differently, even if they are experiencing it simultaneously. For example, a poet and a scientist might perceive a sunset in entirely different ways.

    Write a comparison and/or contrast essay in which you show how two people with different experiences might perceive the same subject or idea. It can be a case of profound difference or one more subtle.

    Alternate Topic

    Is it possible for one person to have completely different views of an event at different points of his/her life? How might experience or perspective change how a person views something? Write an essay modeled on Twain’s in which you offer two different views of a specific event. You might consider some of the examples in your discussion activity.


    You have brainstormed and outlined your essay so far. In this assignment, write your first draft. Remember, this is the first time you are committing your ideas to sentence and paragraph form. It does not have to be polished or even finished. Your essay may change significantly between this assignment and your final draft.

    For this assignment, and for the final draft, you do not need to cite outside sources. Do not research or cite any outside information for this topic. Use your imagination and/or personal experience to write about possible solutions to your problem.

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