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Discuss performance appraisal process in an organisation

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    This assignment is designed to develop learners’ ability to discuss performance appraisal process in an organisation. As the pandemic COVID-19 has caused more people to work remotely these days, managers and the human resource department need to find new ways to evaluate employee performance and to provide feedback.


    Conduct a telephone/email interview with any department manager or the Human Resource Manager of your own organisation or any other organisation that you are familiar with.


    Prepare the following information:

    1. The background of the selected organisation. Do not disclose the name of the organisation unless you have obtained permission from the management.

    2. Discuss at least 4 common performance appraisal methods used by most organisations and based on the finding of your interview with the department manager or the Human Resource Manager, which method(s) is/are used by the selected organisation.

    3. Explain the problems faced by the organisation in the performance appraisal process during this pandemic.

    4. Suggest some strategies for a fair and equitable performance appraisal process to the selected organisation.

    5. Summary

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