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Discuss stress management tools

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    Throughout your collegiate career, you have inevitably experienced stress in one way or another. You may encounter fear of the future or be faced with a decision to stand up for what you believe in even when it is difficult. You may become consumed with what people think about you and make decisions based on what makes others happy. Stress affects your behavior, your thoughts, your feelings, and overall, your body in a negative way. We all have faults, and often stress can bring them to light in difficult ways. Most people do not even realize that a daily headache or battle with insomnia can be attributed to stress. Identifying how we handle stress (the positive and negative ways) can help us achieve greater mental wellness. Watch the TedTalk, “How to Make Stress Your Friend”.

    Establish tangible practices to manage stress.

    Include each of the following points in your discussion:

    A. Identify one area of life where stress most likely affects your well-being. This can be regarding school, family, personal health, or personal behaviors.

    B. Discuss any stress management tools you have incorporated to improve your mental health and well-being.

    C. Identify any poor habits that might derail your efforts to deal with this stressor. Are you over-committed in one or more areas of your life that prevent you from achieving a good balance in your life? Are you a person who says “yes” to everything?

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