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Discuss the employees right to privacy

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    The purpose of this assignment is to develop learners’ ability to apply the concept of organisational approaches in improving ethical behaviour in an organisation. Learners’ are also required to discuss the employees’ right to privacy.


    Select an organisation that you are familiar with or you have access to its information. Identify and explain approaches in improving ethical behaviour normally practises by organisations. Suggest the best approach for your selected organisation. In addition, you need to discuss on how to protect your employees’ rights to privacy.


    1. The introduction covered ALL of the following: name of the organisation, nature of business, number of employees and organisational chart

    2. Identification and explanation of approaches in improving ethical behaviour in organisations (Able to explain in detail FOUR approaches)

    3. Suggestion on the best approach for the selected organisation

    4. Discussion on how to protect employees’ rights to privacy and at the same time to protect the employer (The discussion was detailed and very clear which covers the employees’ and employer’s side. Able to support with convincing relevant examples.)

    5. Summary

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