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Discuss the history of organized crime in america

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    Assignment: Part 1: Organized Crime Versus Terrorism

    400-600 words

    Prepare a detailed outline of your Key Assignment Draft for this week’s project for review by your colleagues. Be sure to include the main points you covered in Weeks 1-3 and add your considerations about what you want to cover in Week 4.

    Part 2: Should the American government focus the bulk of its law enforcement resources on fighting organized crime, or counter-terrorism?

    Research and develop a 5-7 page paper that addresses the following:

    Discuss the history of organized crime in America. Include in your discussion a definition of organized crime; a detailed, thorough example of a criminal organization currently operating in the United States; the types of crimes it engages in; and (if possible) who its leadership is. Include a discussion of rival criminal organizations.

    Discuss the history of terrorism in America, and make sure to include domestic terrorism in your history (do not forget that prior to 9/11, the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. territory was perpetrated by a fellow American). Detail the various terrorist activities and the organizations behind them that have taken place on U.S. soil.

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