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Discuss the influences that have most contributed

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    In this assignment, you will self-assess your previous familiarity with ancient Greece and Greek culture. At first, you may not think you know much about these ancient Greeks, but with a little refreshing, you may be surprised.

    You may remember some examples from stories in your childhood like the story of the Trojan Horse, which was actually an evil trick to destroy the ancient city of Troy.

    Additionally, you might have been exposed to Greek culture through other sources such as the following:

    • Scenes like this from the YouTube video clip from the movie 300.
    • The original Olympic Games
    • Math class when learning the Pythagorean Theorem
    • Science class when studying Archimedes principle

    Please keep in mind, ancient Greeks made many advances in mathematics, physics, philosophy, medicine, and sports.

    • Before this lesson, what do you know about Ancient Greece and Greek culture, and how did you learn it?
    • Discuss the influences that have most contributed to your understanding of this period, such as books, films, classes, and family history.
    • What specific influences have been most influential in shaping your views of this period?
    • Discuss at least 2 ways in which you think the culture of ancient Greece continues to influence the world in the 21st century.

    Your assignment submission should be in paragraph form and include a thoughtful response to the prompts above. 

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