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Discuss the proactive approach

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    1. Define KSAs and explain the different levels of each. Use a diagram if you like.

    2. Two definitions of learning were presented in the text; one was behavioral and one was cognitive. Explain each and indicate the major difference between these definitions and what the training implications of each are.

    3. Discuss the proactive approach and the reactive approach to TNA.

    4. Compare reliability and validity.

    5. List five sources of data for person analysis and their training need implications.

    6. When should the whole learning method be utilized?

    7. Understanding the various factors that facilitate learning is one of the outputs of the design phase. What are the other two outputs? Describe them.

    8. Why are peer support and supervisor support important to the transfer process?

    9. Discuss the different types of lectures and the differences between them.

    10. Define coaching and explain its relationship with the term mentoring.

    11. What is the purpose of role-play and when should it be used?

    12. What is the purpose of behavior modeling and when should it be used?

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